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SADD makes it easier for Software Development Teams to create high qualitative solutions and products for the sake of well designed System and Software Architec

The abstract from the main article named "SADD-MSAJ-The Spiral Architecture Driven Development (SADD) complete edition v.1.doc" was published in the Microsoft Architecture Journal #23 where you may find out a lot of other usefull and important information and articles abiut software and system architecture design.

This site contains complete edition of Spiral Architecture Driven Development (SADD) life cycle and practical materials and examples as illustrations for SADD. All these materials could be used as templates and best practices by everyone who is interested in and are named in according to the following legend:

Abbreviation Meaning
SADD-MSAJ The complete edition of The Spiral Architecture Driven Development article
SADD-MTHD Spiral Architecture Driven Development Methodology
SADD-TPLT Spiral Architecture Driven Development Methodology Template

It's recommended to read the materials as they are uploaded, ordered and numbered for better understanding.
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There is also Russian version of this site at
So as the author is Russian these materials are more detailed, so if you read Russian, you'd better visit that resource.
Проект содержит практические материалы, иллюстрации и примеры методик и инструментов жизненного цикла разработки, управляемой архитектурой (Spiral Architecture Driven SDLC). Материалы могут быть использованы как шаблоны и хорошие практики.

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